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ROKH is a Sci-Fi survival game currently under development by Nvizzio Creations and Darewise Entertainment. Early stages of game were shown at GDC and a campaign on Kickstarter was begun in May 2016. Modding will be possible with Steam Workshop and players will be able to rent their own ROKH game server from participating hosts. While the game can be played solo, the best hope for survival is cooperation between multiple players.


  • ROKH is a futuristic, persistent survival experience on Mars, which allows players to express their creativity and interact with and against others.
  • A 155 square mile (400km²) open world for you to explore!
  • Build your own Martian base, craft your tools and weapons, cooperate with your friends, survive Mars the way you want: it's YOUR experience, the Red Planet is your sandbox!
  • Early Access release in September 2016 on Steam for PC
  • The supported languages for now will be English and French
  • ROKH is fully developed with the worldwide famous Unreal Engine 4


From official description

Explore Mars, a beautiful hostile planet and make it your home. From the majestic dunes to the frightening deep valley, you will visit memorable location to find your live saving resources. Don’t stay out too long, Mars can be even more deadly than a riffle gun should you get lost in a sandstorm or stuck out in a frozen night.

Make sure that each and every of your moves serve one goal: survive! You will be in need of oxygen, food, water and you will have to protect yourself from heat, cold, radiation, wounds and so on. Mars will be offering you some resources but you will have to be smart and creative to access to the rest. And remember, there’s no pause in the game. Don’t leave your computer too long, things can happen…


Suits, robots, devices, weapons are craftable and customizable to your taste but first and foremost to your needs. Build smart shelter base by making sure your pipe system can welcome future add-ons. Some crafted devices can be socketed in your walls to give some extra capabilities to your base: automated or programmed tasks, heavier defense powers, survivability comfort or more…


Join forces with your friends to mutualize the efforts and resources you put into surviving. Trade with other friendly crew to continue develop your own ecosystem. But some will be more onto domination. They will use every system available to loot your resources and base, from direct armed attack to a sneakier hacking program.





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