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For Early Access release, the map will be 155 square mile / 400 square kilometers. The map was created using real data from NASA. It is an immense playground, solely using available technologies. With 155 sq mi / 400 km² of highly uneven terrain, players will need to be well prepared for the awaiting expeditions. It has craters rich in exposed resources for players to harvest, smoke rising from once thought dormant volcanoes, ancient river beds lined with sedimentary deposits, ice veins waiting to be melted down into drinkable water, convenient rock formations creating exploration paths and combat opportunities, mountains posing daunting construction challenges to the brave and much more.

Natural threats such as dust storms, solar rains or meteorite falls will be a constant challenge and it’s very cold at night, so make sure to have the proper equipment…

Players will discover crash sites and abandoned bases and will begin to learn more about what happened to the first members of the ROKH program.


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