All of the tools, devices, weapons and habitat materials are crafted by players. ROKH has a deep, but intuitive recipe system (not just blueprints) following the “easy to use, challenging to master” philosophy.

Exploration and harvesting constitutes a huge part of the crafting process. As with most survival games, players will start with simple handheld tools which they will use to find and gather raw resources, like native iron on the Martian surface. Eventually, they will have huge, automated subterranean mining installations and smelters, opening up a whole new world of resources beneath the surface.

With the materials you extracted from the surface or mined from underground, players will start crafting basic parts and simple items. Depending on the material items are made from, their stats, function and visuals will vary, allowing immediate access to tailor-made items.

Further down the line, items will be made of multiple parts and complex components, each combining their stats to create truly unique customization. Changing the coils in your Gauss gun from nickel to platinum can make a huge impact.

ROKH features a complete in-game programming system. Players will be able to automate their habitats in multiple ways. They can control their airlock, remotely launch devices outside such as drillers and pumps, start and schedule the refining and smelting of raw resources and automate the defense system. Players beware however because with automation, comes hackers who would enjoy nothing more than to turn the system against it's creator.



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